liping vong • designer

Target Mobile Web

I've spent my most recent stint at Target redesigning Target's mobile website, and eventually being part of a team that designed a fully responsive site. I redesigned the Guest Account Management (GAM) realm of I worked closely with a few different UX/Information Architects to make various branches of GAM a more friendly and usable for guests.

GAM was one of the most under-utilized realms of—guests were mainly going in their account to track orders and change their cards once they had expired. Because guests were going to look at their most recent order, we surfaced the most basic information about their account, as well as recommended items based on previous purchases in a high-level dashboard. Information would be supplemental to the overall shopping experience. 

Information shown would include (but wasn't limited to):

  • Order tracking
  • Default shipping addresses
  • Default payment info
  • Order history
  • Giftcard balance
  • Store Pickup information
  • Subscriptions information
  • REDcard information
  • Saved for Later in Cart
  • Product recommendations
  • Registries or shopping lists

UX and wireframes by Pete Barry


We placed the Current/Pending Order at the top. The widget houses thumbnail images of the products purchased to jog the guest's memory. We also used a visual tracker to allow guests to catch a glimpse of where their order is in the process. Tapping on "Details" brings guest to an Order Details Page with more detailed information. Order Details Page shows details information about a guest's order, including fulfillment type, expected delivery date, etc.

We took our learnings and applied them to the desktop site. This was proposed, but never implemented.

Done in collaboration with Pete Barry, Luke Grohovsky, and Alex Kretchmer.